It’s Official. Facebook Beats Orkut in India [Search Trends]

Orkut is losing it’s market share in India – and not in terms of absolute traffic, but purely on interest/intent of users.

Picture is worth more than a thousand words – so take a look at Google trends data , which showcases the trending of search result on Google.

Facebook vs Orkut Search Trends for india

The inflexion point occurred towards the end of 2009 and what’s interesting is the consistency of Facebook search volume as opposed to Orkut, which is dwindling.

Facebook Beats Orkut in India

The writing is on the wall.

Note On Google Trends

It’s not that Facebook has beaten Orkut in absolute traffic – there still is a long way to go. But, Google Trends gives you an idea about the ‘trend‘, the intent of users and it’s surely oscillating towards FB.

It’s just a matter of time. What’s your take?

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