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Inasra, a chennai based startup aims to solve the major pain in the Indian travel industry – finding hotels as per one’s requirement.

Though other travel players (like makemytrip) too offer a similar service of hotel reservation, but it’s mostly through their partner channels (that too in selected cities).
And most of the times, it may not serve one’s need (will you use makemytrip to book/find a hotel within a range of Rs. 500/per day for your 1-day visit via train from Bangalore to Chennai? I will not).

Inasra plans to cover all of the Indian cities and their hotels (even the ones which haven’t heard of Internet). And that means they are directly competing with TravelGuru and Travelocity.

As they mention:

We bring hotels closer to you…not just hotels that are net savvy but also hotels that have never heard of the Internet or for that matter who associate computer to a TV like thingy.

What separates Inasra from others is it’s focused effort on hotel search. As of this date, they have covered 80000 rooms in 3000 hotels across 300 cities in India, and the room prices range from Rs. 250 to 45,000 – so take your pick!.

Also, Inasra’s AJAXed UI and the overall presentation makes the product easier to use. The simplicity of UI might turn out to be their second biggest strength (first one is of course the no. of hotels they index). TravelGuru really has a long way to go as far as usability is concerned.

In future, Inasra plans to complete the entire cycle of travel/shelter related segment (Flights, Tours, Service Apartments…) and it would be interesting to watch them compete against their well-funded competitors.

Products like Inasra are serving a vertical niche and are also providing transparency in the entire reservation process; and I do see them partnering with other vertical scrapers like iXiGo or even city specific portals.

And of course, being a vertical player always has an advantage of good brand recall and perception mapping (e.g, google = search, amazon = books, ebay = auction). What do you say?

Give Inasra a spin and do share your comments.

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