Beer and Blockchain: World’s largest brewer Anheuser-Busch InBev is going to use Ethereum to track Ad data #Blockchain #MobileAdFraud

The world’s largest brewer,Anheuser-Busch InBev has launched its first ad campaigns through the Kiip mobile marketing app, which uses ethereum’s blockchain to record and track data. The goal is to monitor and, eventually, expand the reach of a particular ad.
The campaign is built around Kiip’s new blockchain product, which is designed to enhance transparency and tackle issues like mobile ad fraud by keeping the campaign database available to all players in mobile ad sales.
The campaign uses nascent technology, in the form of Kiip’s new “Single Ledger” blockchain product, to address fundamental issues, such as mobile ad fraud. Single Ledger enables all players in mobile ad sales chain to view and audit campaign data directly. The technology allows for simple and clear reconciliation of campaign performance data among all parties, eliminating potential for fraudulent reporting by third parties and ad servers, and streamlining what has historically been a painful, laborious reporting and payment process. In addition, Kiip’s Single Ledger helps AB InBev deliver on its commitment to ensuring every ad dollar is well spent on establishing meaningful connections with consumers in moments that matter, and at the times they are most likely looking to engage with AB InBev’s brands.
Different metrics – including impressions, engagement and price – are encoded on the ethereum blockchain, and AB InBev can track these ad activities every hour. This approach reduces the amount of time that the campaign’s organizers spend in tracking the metrics. Meanwhile, the ad buyers can pay only for the ads that meet their criteria.

What do you think, more smaller brands would follow or this technology is efficient only for big spenders?

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