All You Need to Know About Incorporating Your Business in UK

Setting up a business in London is no more a big deal. Dozens of Indian companies have made it big in Europe in the last few years.

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Why do I have to set up a UK entity?

Under the Companies Act, an overseas company setting up in the UK must register a UK establishment. This only applies if you haven’t already set up a UK subsidiary. Also, one can only make immigration applications for inter-group transfers if you’ve setup your UK entity as either an establishment or a subsidiary.

How do I decide what kind of legal entity to set up?

Ask yourself: what are my commercial aims? Your answers will determine the type of operation that you need to establish and help define your legal and tax status.

What are the most common legal entities?

There are two: a UK private limited company, known as a subsidiary, or a UK branch of your overseas company, known as a UK establishment.

Which is the best legal entity?

Many customers and suppliers prefer dealing with a UK company, so setting up a subsidiary is often the best option.

What is the legal status of a subsidiary company?

It is a separate legal entity from the parent company even though it will be wholly owned by the parent company. It must file, on public record, annual accounts. It is liable for UK corporation tax on its profits but it may be able to take advantage of reduced rates of corporation tax depending on the size of profits globally.London 2

What is the status of a UK branch of a parent company?

It will be legally the same entity as the parent, meaning that all profits or losses of the UK establishment are incorporated with those of your overseas parent and all debts and liabilities of the UK establishment belong to the overseas parent. It should be registered with Companies House within one month of being established.

What taxes will I have to pay on a UK branch of my parent company?

This will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. For example, work undertaken in preparation for the eventual setting up of a taxable presence may be non-taxable. If the UK activities are taxable, UK corporation tax is payable on the UK establishment’s profits, via the submission of an annual tax return.

Does a UK branch of my parent company qualify for tax relief?

Double tax relief is usually available in the parent company jurisdiction. Will I have to file accounts? Yes, annually, and these accounts will be publicly available.


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