Of Snack Sized Games And How To Increase Foot Falls In An Online Store [ThumbThing]

Flipkart has integrated a small game to its mobile app – ThumbThing. The app gives you a chance to win some prizes, including a couple tickets to Paris and some commonly available discount coupons. The app game is part of a marketing campaign promoting the mobile app, but it seems the game alone nails it for Flipkart.

Flipkart Thumbthing
Flipkart Thumbthing

The game is a Bell The Cat kind of chance + skill game. Like Candy Crush and other popular games, you have limited lives that refill every 20 mins. That time interval is enough for people to browse around the app. Unlike a browser based game that could have a direct link, the app game requires you to go through the landing screen and then to the game.
The brand engagement is good for people to not treat it as twice a year shopping app and uninstall for the lack of space on mobile. Given that brands like Ola, Gaana, Spuul, Magzter are promoting their trial offers as prizes, I am assuming the game is paying up for itself and more.
As of writing this, Flipkart announced the winners and has taken the game off. I hope Flipkart will not leave it to this but create a permanent engagement property out of this with similar snack sized games and treat the time/space around the game to drive impulsive purchase.
PS: Imagine the marketing folks having to convince the engineering team to integrate a game and make a special app release only for a short-lived campaign. You need a very well aligned organization to pull that off.
[Guest article by Naman Sarawagi, founder of FindYogi.]

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