Incubators and Accelerators in India: THE List.

Entrepreneurs have often asked us on a recommended list of incubators and accelerators in India. How much do they invest? How much equity do they take? Portfolio focus?

So here is the list (the table you see is just a preview, checkout the embedded Google excel) of accelerators and incubators in India.
The list will be updated frequently (and that’s why we used Google docs/link), so please share edits/additions by emailing to

We have also added list of college based incubators.

Preview: Incubators and Accelerators in India

Name of the Accelerator/Incubator Founders or backers( advisors) Size of the investment/fund
500 startups Founder Dave McClure. India is represented by Pankaj jain Phase 1: $25K investment.
GSF Rajesh Sawhney, Dave McClure( 500 startups), Saul Klein $25-30K for 5-8% equity
Morpheus Sameer Guglani + Nandini Hirianniah Rs.5 Lakhs and 7% to 12% equity for the startup accelerator program lasting 4 months.
TLabs Abhishek Gupta, Arpit Agarwal.. Invests Rs.10 Lakh for a 10% stake
Startup Village Public Private Partnership. Govt. of Kerala Rs.100 crore for 1,000 student startups over a span of 10 years.
The Hatch Anupama Arya, Puneet Vatsayan and P. K. Gulati Around Rs.10 Lakhs and a higher amount in select cases.
Mentors like Manish Sharma(printo) , Shabnam Aggarwal (Pearson) & Manish Agarwal ( COO Reliance Entertainment Digital)
AngelPrime Sanjay Swamy, Bala Parthasarthy and Shripati Acharya No fixed amount
Veddis Ventures Vikrant Bhargava Investments range from $250k to $10M.
Veddis has both investment and incubatee companies in its portfolio
Kyron Lalit Ahuja, John Cook and Larry Glaeser $50 million accelerator with $100,000 in seed funding for a 10 % equity in the startup
Microsoft Startup Aceelerator Mukund Mohan No investment by Microsoft, just connects them with Venture Capitalists
The Startup Center Vijay Anand Small amount of funding to the tune of Rs. 10 Lakhs (Approx $20,000)
5ideas Pearl Uppal + Gaurav Kachru 2.5 crore per startup and deep collaboration for 6-12 months and 5 startups a time
Venture Nursery Ravi Kiran and Shravan Shroff Associated Angel investors may invest up to INR 25Lakhs in a start-up. Startups will give 3% sweat equity to Venture Nursery on admission
Unltd India Pooja Warier and Richard Alderson 3 tier seed funding going from Rs.80,000 to Rs.20 Lakh.
The go-to choice for social entrepereneurs


– A big Yay to intern, Gurpreet for working on the list! For feedback, suggestions please email to or simply add to the forum discussion here.

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