India App Market Size Estimated to Be Around Rs 150- Rs 200 cr: Avendus

The market size for apps in India during 2012 can be estimated to have been somewhere between Rs 150-200 crore, according to a new estimate. Total monthly revenues earned by Google Play and Apple App store from Indian customers was Rs 27.5 Cr in the month of October 2012, or an annualized run-rate of Rs 330 crore.

The India App market size was estimated using the following logic:

Apple is a very small player in the Indian smartphone market and Android is estimated to enjoy more than a 90% share of that market. The number of apps downloaded from Google Play in India reached 150 million downloads in October 2012.

The number of downloads from the Apple App Store in India was 12 million in October 2012, accounting for around 1% of the global downloads. The proportion of paid app downloads in India has been similar to that of global benchmarks, with 9.6% of Apple App store downloads and 0.5% of Android downloads being paid for. The average price for a paid app was over Rs 100 across devices.Avendus India App Market

Internet Users in India

Of the 160 million Internet users in India, 86 million access Internet using their mobile devices according to the report.

In the last 3-4 years, the number of users in India who access the Internet through a 3G connection has grown to around 22 million. To put things in perspective, compare this with the 15 million fixed line broadband connections accrued over the last 17 years.

internet mobile devices

While e-commerce and digital advertising are said to have attained a certain critical mass in India, mobile Internet is yet to break into public consciousness.

Here are some highlights from the report

  • In India there are over 36 million smartphone users as compared to 60 million PC users.
  • The primary reason for the slow mobile internet adoption rate in India is due to the high price of smartphones and slow offtake of 3G connections.

Mobile usage

  • Feature phones, which accounts for 90% of all Internet capable devices in the country, still rules the mobile handset composition in India.
  • Nearly 9% of all Internet page views in India come from mobile devices.

feature phones rule

  • Over 40% of searches on Google from India originate from mobile device.
  • 30% of Facebook users in India are mobile-only Internet users, and also 30% of new user registrations in India come through their mobile app.
  • LinkedIn ranks India among its top 4 growth markets for mobile usage.
  • Series 40, the operating system that powers Nokia Asha, continues to be the most popular mobile operating system in the Indian market.

mobile os

  • Today nearly 7 million transactions in India are done through mobile wallets every month and this number is growing every month, but the average spend through this mode is only Rs 260.
  • Within a year of Bookmyshow launching its mobile app, 25% of its overall booking requests come through the app.
  • Nearly 20% of search requests and 12% of booking requests for Cleartrip comes from its mobile app.

India’s big mobility Trend

» India’s Mobility Trend : Stats and Insights.

– Report link.

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