India’s broadband adoption lowest in Asia Pacific (again), dismal speed: Report

Last quarter we wrote about how India, though home to the third largest Internet population, is one among the countries with lowest average Internet connection speed. Nothing has changed. The latest report from Akamai Technologies says that China and India remain stuck at .1 % broadband penetration where as South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore have the highest penetration of broadband in the Asia Pacific region. The connection speed in India is also one of the lowest in the region, the second quarter “State of the Internet,” report by Akamai said.Akamai defines “broadband” as connections that work at 4 Mbps or greater and “high broadband” as connections that are 10 Mbps or higher. In India, however, broadband is defined as 512 Kbps which is dismal when read next to the 47 % high broadband penetration in South Korea or the 49 % of Hong Kong. According to reports, there are over 100 million Internet users in India.

When it comes to security, India is relatively on safe grounds when compared to the attacks originating form other countries like China (16 %), US (12%) and Turkey (7.6 %). From the total attack traffic, 38 % came from Asia Pacific, 36 % from Europe and 23 % from North and South America. (Read: India is not the world’s most spammy country. Yet.)

On the brighter side, high broadband traffic in India and Malaysia went up more than 10 % in the quarter. According to the report, both China and India turned in large growth rates by more than doubling broadband adoption year over year.

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