India Business Buzz:Retail Boom, IBM withdraws outsourcing patent..and more

Retail boom reverses brain drain
As some of the world’s largest retailers – Wal-Mart, Tesco, Carrefour, IKEA and Target – take a while to join the retail rush here, many of their former Indian employees have already embraced the desi retail chains.
A whole new world of opportunities back home, in terms of building new processes and systems from scratch, and the excitement of applying their experience in India’s $350 billion retail sector is bringing them back, like never before.

AOL To Offshore 22 Of 39 Editorial Jobs To India, Union Fears – Report

IBM withdraws outsourcing patent
Indian and global IT services providers would heave a sigh of relief, with IBM’s attempt to patent a technology that would help companies to figure out which jobs to send overseas getting a quiet burial.

From factory:

Interview with Autsun founders

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Introduction of, a video site to watch free bollywood movies.

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