Indians Contributed over $ 1 mn to Kickstarter Projects!

Over 5,000 backers from India contributed to more than a million dollars to Kickstarter projects!

Couple of days ago, Kickstarter said OMG! The platform has raised over $1 bn in pledges from nearly 5.7 million people around the world. OMG! Here’s another OMG fact from the report: Over 5,000 backers from India contributed to more than a million dollars to Kickstarter projects!

India backers

Crowdfunding Success From India

There have been nearly 157 campaigns on Kickstarter from Indian and a lot of them have been highly successful. Here are some of the crowdfunding success stories from India.

Unrest, an RPG set in ancient India by Jaipur based Pyrodactyl Games, successfully raised $36,251, nearly 12 times its initial goal of $3000, from Kickstarter.

Dabba Radio, a Mumbai based public radio service successfully raised $ 5,502 from its Kickstarter campaign.

Gecko, a low powered Bluetooth device which can gesture control your smartphone and be used to track things has successfully raised $135,410 from a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Fin, a wearable technology startup from Cochin, successfully raised over $100,000 from its Indiegogo campaign.

Printajoy, an Ahmedabad based startup that will print your Instagram photos and ship it to you, raised Rs 102,500 from its successful campaign on Wishberry.

Lucia, an independent Kannada film by an ex-IT professional Pawan Kumar, raised Rs 51 lakhs in just 31 days through a crowdfunding campaign.

Some Kickstarter Facts

  • United states is the leader in funding list, with a total amount of $663,316,496 backing up Kickstarter projects. United Kingdom comes in second with a total funding amount of $54,427,475.
  • Coraline author Neil Gaiman, is one of the most influential backer on Kickstarter.
  • There have been 18 project backers who were registered under the name ‘Mom’ and 13 backers under the name ‘Dad’.

family backers

  • The highest amounts were pledged between the 10th and 15th of a month and on Wednesdays.

Kickstarter week

  • March 13, 2013 saw the most the most pledges with 54,187 backers pledging $4,029,585.45 towards 1,985 projects.
  • On the day Kickstarter Launched, April 28 2009, 40 people pledged $1,084 towards 7 projects.

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