Understanding the next billion users: Kinderjoy is the highest margin SKU #Perspective

NextBigWhat brings you curated wisdom from the web and here is a threadstorm by Prashant on understanding the NBU consumer behavior, which brings an interesting perspective on consumption behavior.

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Picking up where we left last time ie: #dukaantech . The biggest business goal of shopkeepers is to get a bigger share of grocery bulk shopping done at Wholesale market at the start of the month. Explained 👇2/n
A family buys 15KG of rice per month. They buy 10KG in the start of the month from the wholesale market and then keep replenishing it 1KG at a time (on credit) from neighbourhood shop. Credit is paid next month after payday and before a trip to wholesale market. 3/n
When it comes to shopping there is no sectoral divide but there are preferences. People love to buy from shopkeepers of their own community.Not because of caste or religious animosity but because of expectation of higher creditworthiness due to familiarity. 4/n
Credit purchase is the loyalty program for shopkeepers. Giving Chewable tobacco ( khaini , Gutkha ) on deferred payment is usually the start of a credit relationship. 5/n
Kinderjoy is highest margin SKU. Chewable Tobacco is the highest frequency purchase. Someone should make a monthly subscription program from it. It will be a huge hit.6/n
Purchase is primarily done by women. Collection ( takazza) is done from Men. Straight out asking people to pay is very offensive. Ergo collection is done not by asking for money directly but by refusing( showing inability ) to let them buy on credit anymore. 7/n
WhatsApp order flow is broken because catalog browsing on WhatsApp is a painful. It require constant back and forth.This eventually leads to one of the party end up calling other and narrating the list. So it effectively becomes a voice shopping experience 8/n
The amount of collaboration/influence I saw in a seemingly single-player activity like Payment, shopping, Food ordering, and even pubG was surprising. There is always someone standing over your shoulder and commenting. 10/n
Speaking of @zomato : I was surprised to learn that food ordering for convenience is stigmatised. Working women order food and get it delivered to their partner’s office because frequent food delivery at home implies that you are lazy or your family doesn’t like your cooking 12/n
Maybe it will help if delivery boys of @zomato and @swiggy_in doesn’t show up in branded shirt and bag. 13/n
@Tiktok and @Youtube don’t compete with each other directly. People go to YouTube with the intent to “search ” ie when they know what they want to watch. They go to TikTok when they are bored and don’t know what to do. 14/n
Vernacular content doesn’t mean purist or syntactically accurate language. Hindi used in Rajasthan Patrika is mixed and it is good enough. Hinglish is next Urdu, an emergent dialect thanks to a confluence of multiple languages. 18/n
I think way to go for Vernacular apps is to take a leaf out of the playbook of political parties and target People with a high fan-out ratio in Network. local MLA, Teachers, Pujari etc. ie . That’s a good way to “canvas” their target demographic. 21/n
@Myntra is synonymous with high-end fashion amongst girls. Beardo is the only men D2C brand known here thanks to aggressive marketing with salons. 22/n
Young girls are more comfortable ordering clothes online Boys still prefer try it in physical shop because most of them don’t know the waist size which fits them. Most guys wear ill fitting clothes. 23/n
Most graduates don’t know how to make a resume. They approach it as Bio Data. A string of fact, not a narrative. That’s their handicap in job search not lack of skill. 24/n
That all for now. Might do a follow up later . Let me know if your observations contradict or confirm mine. Looking forward !

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