India drops in world competitiveness ranking

US retains the top slot (for 15th consecutive year) and India’s score drops in the overall competitiveness ranking, as per a study conducted by IMD.

The rankings are decided based on four main factors – economic performance, government efficiency, business efficiency, and infrastructure.

India’s ranking has dropped to 29th position and China to 17th.

No doubt on the fallen ranking, as we are royally lagging behind countries like China, S’pore and even Malaysia in terms of infrastructure, govt. efficiency and all relevant parameters.

Here is the list:

  • (1-10): USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, Netherlands, Sweden, Canada
  • (11-20) : Austria, Australia, Norway, Ireland, China Mainland, Germany, Finland, Taiwan, New Zealand, UK
  • (21-30) : Israel, Estonia, Malaysia, Japan, Belgium, Chile, India, France, Korea, Spain
  • (31-40): Lithuania, Czech Rep., Thailand, Slovak Rep., Hungary, Greece, Jordan, Colombia, Portugal, Slovenia
  • (41-50) : Bulgaria, Italy, Russia, Romania, Philippines, Ukraine, Mexico, Turkey, Brazil, South Africa
  • (51-55) : Argentina, Poland, Croatia, Indonesia, Venezuela

2008 results won’t be same, since US is slowly heading for recession and emerging markets like Singapore, HK, India are showing strong signs of growth.

Well, only time will tell.

Download scoreboard and Ranking table

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