Google Election 2009 Microsite– Voter’s Data made Public?

Google has launched it’s Election 2009 microsite (in partnership with HT, Indicus and several others).

While the site is quite useful and offers personalization (one can enter city detail and Google provides very useful information on development data/MP information etc), there seems to be a privacy issue here.

One can search for anybody’s name (‘Search Voter Rolls’ module) and get personal information like complete address/age etc (see the screenshot).

Voter's address/personal information is public?

This information is sourced from Janaagraha/Jaagore (error screen shows Jaagore link)– and interestingly, this information isn’t available even on jaanagraha/Jaagore site or for that matter, any of the corporation site.

So, why is Google showing this information without seeking permission from people? Isn’t this a privacy concern – now that your personal details are out there in public?

And if it’s not Google, then who has given authority to Jaagore/Janaagraha to sell/share this information?

PS: Pardon me for my ignorance, but is voter data public in India?

What do you think?

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