Guide to India Election 2009 Results

The great India Election 2009 has reached the last lap and here is what you would need to watch it online.

Election Commission Site

Election commission has setup it’s site which will go live (with real data) on May 16th, 8 AM. – Link

Facebook, in partnership with Nautanki and Zee News

The site is live and you can watch Zee News being streamed at the microsite (our earlier coverage)

Yahoo (partnership with HT)

Yahoo too launched it’s election microsite and the result content is in alliance with HT – Link

Results are out – Read Why BJP Lost

NDTV Live chat

NDTV has launched a live chat (i.e. you can send your questions to NDTV anchors)

Google disappoints

Google election microsite was launched with much fanfare (received worldwide coverage) and while it had a strong search appeal, the site hasn’t been changed to reflect the election results.

Other sites covering election results:

Where will you watch the election results?

Sometimes one wishes that there were better content portals in India. Sigh.

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