India Election 2014: THE Online Guide to Track it


India Election 2014: THE Online Guide to Track it

The world’s largest democracy goes to polls next month. The election commission of India has declared that the 2014 General Election will start on April 7 and over 81.4 cr people will cast their votes over 9 different stages.

2014 election phases

For many reasons, this election promises to be an epic battle between some of the strongest forces in the country. If you are going to be tracking this election on the Internet, here is the ultimate resource guide for you.

India Election 2014 Results Online Live

election commissionThe Election Commission of India will be overseeing the complete electoral process, and their website has all information to do with voting and elections, starting with registering yourself to vote to checking the Indian Election 2014 phases. On the day of counting, they will also display live election results.

The Election schedule page has displayed the polling phases across the country state wise on the map. If you have registered yourself and would like to check whether your name is in the voters list, you can do it here.

The India General Election 2014 Wikipedia Page has all the wiki information you need regarding the upcoming 2014 national elections.

The Google India Election Portal, launched in November 2013, is a bi-lingual portal with news reports, videos and information resources about the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Google had earlier launched a portal to manage voter registration and facilitation in partnership with the election commission. But the partnership between the organisations were severed as major parties and several other raised concerns of national security.

Official Political Party Portals

Here is a list of some of the major political parties, that will be taking part in the upcoming 2014 Indian General Election.

India Election 2014 on Social Media

BJP Social MediaWith the popularity of social media as a platform to communicate and to ‘spread the message’ many political parties have taken up to social media as a major campaign channel for the upcoming elections.

Earlier in March this year, Facebook launched the Facebook India Election 2014 Tracker for users to track Facebook mentions of leading candidates and parties through the election.

Social media today plays an important role in party and contestant campaigns. To moderate the usage of Internet in campaign, in October 2013, the election commission issued a code of conduct that parties and candidates need to abide by for campaigns on social media and the Internet.

Here is a list of some of the important Facebook pages you have to keep a watch for during the Lok Sabha polls.

You can also visit the Facebook Indian Political Interest lists, that includes lists of Indian Political Parties and Indian Political leaders on Facebook for more details.

Twitter Handles of Politicians, Lists & Hashtags to Follow

election Twitter ListTwitter is another social media front with active participation from various party members and election candidates. Over the years it has also become a forum to track events, comments, debates and news regarding political happenings on a real time basis.

Here is a list the Twitter accounts and handles of the main political parties to watch out for during the Indian General Election 2014.

You can follow all the latest election updates on NextBigWhat’s curated Election 2014 Twitter List, which will be updated frequently.

Users can also follow the hashtag #indiaelection and #Elections2014 to follow all the 2014 General Election buzz on Twitter.

News & Media Portals

Most news media portals in India have launched their own election tracker portals to monitor and report all the news and issues surround the 2014 Indian General Elections.

Here is a list of some of the portals my major media houses in the country.

Private Portals

The Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) is a New Delhi based organisation, formed in 1999 by a group of professors from the Indian Institute of Management at Ahmedabad (IIM-A). The organisation develops background reports on candidates and winners, based on their details like criminal history, education, financial details etc. by ADR is their National Election Watch portal which is frequetly updated with all information regarding election candiddates and winners.

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