NCR Startup Zakoopi Brings Offline Fashion Stores Online

The unbranded fashion and apparel stores contribute 75% to the total Indian Fashion and Apparel Market and so far, the only online aggregation that has been done is store listing on local search engines like Justdial.


NCR based startup Zakoopi has launched its search engine that provides a comprehensive listing of fashion and apparel stores (currently across Delhi / NCR) with more than 25 attributes of a store including GPS coordinates, product-wise pricing, customisation details, fabrics, styles, etc.

Zakoopi’s offerings include:

– Reviews and rating : Provides real user feedback to other potential shoppers through reviews and ratings

– Online community : a virtual community of “Shoppers” who are passionate about fashion and shopping. This community would organically develop the content on the website (reviews and ratings) and pull in more and more users.

Zakoopi Stores
Zakoopi Stores

The startup which has very recently gone live captures the offerings of 800 stores across Delhi and plans to add another 700 odd stores by the end of July.

Definitely an interesting concept – think of it as a Zomato/Yelp for fashion stores and while ecommerce companies are focused on products, offline stores definitely need more awareness about themselves. Plus, given their limited knowledge of social media and digital in general, there definitely is an opportunity in building a deep search engine for the offline world.

Having said that, cracking offline stores isn’t an easy deal – especially with product/price refreshes (that happens very frequently). And unless Zakoopi sends a lot of customers to these stores (which again is difficult to track from online->offline conversion), they will look at Zakoopi as anything but marketing service (and not lead generation/sales model).

The reason a lot of businesses update their details on Justdial (vs. other competitors) is because of sales dependency they have on Justdial – Zakoopi needs to be thinking aggressively on this front.

Google’s Get Your Business Online Initiative

Around a year back or so, Google India launched Get Your Business Online and the results weren’t extremely positive. Given that most of the traders are already selling online (through marketplaces), do the stores need to be online? Do they really need to buy and take on the headache to manage website domains? Most of them prefer to target users to their Facebook page – and that’s one big competition Zakoopi has.

If you are from NCR and a fashion freak, do give Zakoopi a spin and share your feedback with the team. How useful is it?

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