Confirmed. Indians have more mobile phones than toilets, Only 3.1% Households have Internet Connectivity [Census Data]

Indian government has released census 2011 data and as per the data collected, 49.8% Indians defect in the open, though 53.2% household have a mobile phone (and 63.2% have a landline phone).

As far as toilet facilities are concerned, 49.8% defect in open, 3.2% in public toilets. The situation is (expectedly) bad in rural areas where open defection stands at 67.3%.

Key insights from the report:

– 246,692, 667 households in India, out of which Rural stands at 1,67,826,730 (i.e. 68%).

– Out of 246,692, 667 households, 213,526,283 are owned and only 27,368,304 are rented.

– Talking about the Internet penetration, urban India has close to 10.4% households with laptop (without Internet) and 8.3% households consist of laptops (with Internet). On the contrary, 76.7% households in Urban India have a TV set.


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