India Inc loses $2.46Bn due to disconnect in customer service

India IT industry is known to serve it’s MNC customers at the drop of a hat, but when it comes to serving the onshore customers, the executives take a back seat.

Indian Inc, as per a survey loses close to $2.4bn each year due to poor customer service, as 90% of C-level executives fail believe that customer service isn’t a strategic role when it comes to serving onshore customers.

Strategic vs. Operational Role

  • Customer Service in India is slightly more operational than other parts of the world, with 59.2% characterizing their contact centres as operational, compared to 57% globally.
  • In India, customer care professionals and executives overwhelmingly agree that customer service impacts the company’s brand identity, with 92% saying so.
  • However, only 10% of C-level executives and 15% of customer care professionals characterize their contact centres as largely strategic.

Measuring Revenue and Customer Experience vs. Speed and Efficiency

  • In India contact centres are challenged because roughly half of them perform outsourced operations. Whilst this is changing, driven by domestic growth in the economy, many of the metrics used are very much oriented toward speed and efficiency. But they are also significantly ahead of other parts of the world when it comes to using contact centres to generate revenue during interactions.
  • The combined views of customer service and C-level executives show that customer satisfaction is a more important metric in India than anywhere in the world (80% vs. 70% globally)
  • More than 43% of executives in India said their customer service is measured on revenue per call, but only 34% of customer service professionals validate that notion ? a gap of 9%. Nevertheless, in India organizations are more focused on this metric than their peers worldwide, where only 29% of companies say they use revenue as a key performance indicator.

Capturing Customer Feedback

  • In India there is a major (16%) gap between C-level execs who believe they are adequately capturing important customer feedback, and the views of customer service professionals.
  • Whilst 78% of the C-level think their company is doing a good job of collecting information on customer and market needs and passing it on to sales, only 62% of customer service professionals agree.

India’s companies rely largely on operational metrics

  • Customer satisfaction is a more important metric in India than anywhere in the world (80% vs. 70% globally), as are many traditional operational metrics.
  • 84% measure call duration.
  • Over 84% measure average speed-to-answer.
  • 59% measure first call resolution rates.
  • 36% measure revenue per call

More Indian companies are ready to expand services offered to customers

  • 79% of companies in India plan to add improve their customer interactions
  • 65% want to improve business processes to better address customers’ needs.
  • 32% want to offer Web chats.
  • 39% plan to add virtualization

The survey was commissioned by Genesys Telecommunication Laboratories, part of Alcatel-Lucent’s Applications Software Group (Research paper title – “The Executive Disconnect: The Strategic Alignment of Customer Service in India.”)

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