India To Have an Internet Kill Switch

We all know how evolved Indian government is when it comes to banning websites and as per a report by ET, the Indian government has armed itself with powers to ‘switch off’ or kill the internet during times of national emergencies, becoming one of the first few countries to assume such far reaching authority. kill_switch

“Even as the US and other western nations debate the judiciousness of giving the government’s complete control to shut down cyber traffic, India has moved a step ahead and incorporated a provision under the IT Act of 2008, giving the Central government, or any of its officers specially authorised by it, to block the internet if necessary. The shutdown can happen in the interest of sovereignty and integrity of India, its defense, security of its states, friendly relations with foreign states or for public order. Failure to comply will result in imprisonment of up to seven years.”

Power in wrong hands? Who decides when to switch off the Internet? Is there a guarantee that government will not use this to block access to information?

Freedom of speech anyone? What’s your opinion?

We will update this post with more details in the coming days. If you are in the know of situation, please share.

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