India Now 3rd Largest Internet Population: Mobile Gaining Ground; Blogs Grew Fastest

India has overtaken Japan to become the world’s third largest Internet population with nearly 15% of the users coming from non PC devices, according to a new report.

The report by comScore, said that India added 17.6 mn users in the last year, clocking a year on year increase of 31%. With an extended online universe in excess of 145 mn, the market is at a tipping point for online businesses. Comscore 1

India’s year on year online population growth is second only to Brazil, which grew 37% year on year.

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Non PC devices, which constituted 14.2% of the online population, is starting to accelerate in 2013 as the share of PC users accessing the internet slows down. Of the Non PC users, 77% were on wi-fi and the rest on mobile.

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Weather, car rental, blogs, entertainment and music are categories that are increasingly being accessed on the go.

Highlights of the report

  • 73.9 million Indian surfed the web using a home or work computer.
  • India’s online population skews significantly younger than other BRIC countries with 75% under the age of 35.
  • Females comprise 39% of the Indian Internet population. Women also spend less time online than men. Women aged 35-44 are heaviest Internet users among age/ gender groups while 25-34 year old men are the heaviest Internet users.
  • Social networking captures large share of PC screen time in India.

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  • Blogs are the fastest growing web category in India, adding 11.6 mn new users.
  • Google was the top web property in India followed by Facebook and Yahoo Sites. People spend a whopping 217.7 minutes on Facebook on an average as compared to 167.9 on Google sites and 72.1 on Yahoo sites.

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  • Social networking continues to grow in India with 86% of Indian web users visiting a social network. There are been a 28% increase in Facebook visitors in the last 12 months. In this category, Linkedin and Twitter were at number 2 and 3 respectively.
  • Online retail in India, is underdeveloped as compared to its BRIC peers. Myntra grew the number of users and leads the category with Flipkart, Jabong and Amazon following closely. Apparel, Computer and Electronics sites and comparison shopping were the largest categories in e-commerce.

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  • With 31.5 million viewers watching videos on YouTube, nearly 74% of Internet users in India visited an entertainment site. There was a 27% year on year increase in online video audience.

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  • While Facebook, Yahoo! and YouTube grew further, Metacafe, Times Internet and Vdopia lost visitors.
  • The news/ information market is also underdeveloped vs BRIC peers. An average of 33.5 minutes are spent on these sites.
  • Newspapers and general news sites garner the most attention.
  • Blogs have seen high growth in India over the past year but engagement remains low. The reach of blogs category was at 49% in India and an average of 10.3 minutes are spent on them.

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Travel category gets more users than the global average. Comscore 11

  • India is now the 4th largest audience of searchers in the world. Unique searches in India grew by 28%. On an average there were 94.5 searches per searcher as compared to a global average of 119.7 searches per searcher. Google dominates the search market with over 90% market share.

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Full report here(pdf).

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