India Internet 2012- What world’s 3rd largest Internet population is like

The Indian Internet space had a great year in 2012. We saw the country become the third largest Internet population in the world with more than 120 million users. Over 25 million Indians now read e-books and over 18 million are on Twitter and Linkedin. There are more than 61.5 million Indians on Facebook, making it the third largest Facebook population. Digital music sales is big in India. E-commerce is taking off and a mobile Internet explosion is in the making. We put together some data on India’s Internet. Take a look.

The important bit

  • India has over 120 million Internet users now and is likely to have more than 350 million Internet users in 2015. Right now, its the third largest Internet population in the world.
  • Accordingto a McKinsey report, Internet contributes to over $30 billion of the Indian economy and its slated to go up to $100 billion in 2015.
  • Most Indian Internet users are young and the male to female ratio is approaching 50:50.
  • The top categories on the Internet are downloads, social networking, search, e-mail, multimedia, community, news and technology and directories.
  • Nearly 80 % of Internet users in India use search and google is used by 80 % of the people who use search. yahoo has a 11 % share and Ask has a 21 % share.
  • Most searched people on Google in 2012 were ex porn star Sunny Leone, former Kingfisher calendar girl Poonam Pandey and desceased superstar Rajesh Khanna.
  • India is home to one of the largest social networking community. It ranks #6 on Twitter, #2 on Linkedin and #3 on Facebook. Youtube is also gaining popularity in the country.
  • Google’s Chrome browser is big in India. Firefox and Internet explorer are also used. Mobile browsing has 56 % share compared to 44 % desktop Internet users in India.
  • On mobile, Opera is the favorite browser. Chinese browser UC Browser is big followed by Nokia in the third place.
  • Digital music overtook physical music sales in 2010.
  • E-books are gaining popularity in the country. There are some 25 million ebook users in India and they are aged between 25- 34.

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