Overall, India is a Happy Nation [Your Facebook Status says so]

Facebook has published Gross National Happiness Index, based on data collected from user status.

When people in their status updates use more positive words–or fewer negative words–then that day as a whole is counted as happier than usual. Though the results of the index aren’t so surprising (happiness index of Indians increased during Holi/Independence Day and touched low during 26/11) – what’s important is packaging of the data.

facebook happiness index

A lot of us collect data, but do not package it well enough to create some meaning out of it. Facebook has done an awesome job of it.

Take a look at the India’s Happiness Index.

happy nation india

Interestingly, majority of FB usage still happens via Indians in US and maybe, that’s the reason why FB is beating the ‘desi’ Orkut.

What’s your opinion?

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