‘A country with no jobs’ for young engineering graduates of India


‘Make In India‘ was launched on 15th August 2014 to usher India in a manufacturing boom, intending to displace China as the ‘go to nation’ to manufacture and procure everything (literally). The aim of the current government was to create 100 million jobs by 2022.

Enticed by the prospects, everyone wanted to be an engineer (though the disease has long been an epidemic in Indian minds).

People take heavy educational loans to study in engineering institutions which churn out students in assembly line fashion. At the end these students have no skill sets, which is desired by the industry.

Some put the figures of un-employability of Indian engineers coming out of myriad engineering colleges at mind boggling 80%, due to lack of relevant skills. One of the major skills lacking is effective English communication.

The fact of matter in fact is that a household survey done in February this year has found 31.2 million people actively looking for a job!

The seriousness of the matter doubles up as more than half of India’s population is under 25 years of age now.

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