Of all the global spams sent, India generates the least spams among the BRIC countries.

The spammy order:

  • US: 16,56%
  • Russia: 6.71%
  • Turkey: 6.51%
  • Brazil: 5.29%
  • China: 3.49%
  • India: 2.99% (last year, this was ~1%)

Isn’t this also an indicator of Internet penetration in these economies?

Interestingly, 76% emails originating from India is a spam! (but even then, the number is too small to make it to the top list!).

Related: Software Piracy goes up by 20%, India registers a decline.., India tops the online advertising clickfraud chart!

via ET.

Aside, here is an interesting history of spams:

  • 1978 – An e-mail spam is sent to 600 addresses
  • 1994 – First large-scale spam sent to 6000 newsgroups, reaching millions of people
  • 2005 – (June) 30 billion per day
  • 2006 – (June) 55 billion per day
  • 2006 – (December) 85 billion per day
  • 2007 – (February) 90 billion per day.


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