India is the least ‘spammy’ among BRIC countries


India is the least ‘spammy’ among BRIC countries

Of all the global spams sent, India generates the least spams among the BRIC countries.

The spammy order:

  • US: 16,56%
  • Russia: 6.71%
  • Turkey: 6.51%
  • Brazil: 5.29%
  • China: 3.49%
  • India: 2.99% (last year, this was ~1%)

Isn’t this also an indicator of Internet penetration in these economies?

Interestingly, 76% emails originating from India is a spam! (but even then, the number is too small to make it to the top list!).

Related: Software Piracy goes up by 20%, India registers a decline.., India tops the online advertising clickfraud chart!

via ET.

Aside, here is an interesting history of spams:

  • 1978 – An e-mail spam is sent to 600 addresses
  • 1994 – First large-scale spam sent to 6000 newsgroups, reaching millions of people
  • 2005 – (June) 30 billion per day
  • 2006 – (June) 55 billion per day
  • 2006 – (December) 85 billion per day
  • 2007 – (February) 90 billion per day.

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