India Lost 550 Jobs a Day in Last 4 Years, 7 Million More Can Disappear by 2050: Study


A study conducted by the Delhi-based civil society group PRAHAR has revealed that the country lost 550 jobs almost every day in the past 4 years. The study warns that if the trend continues, India might risk losing, 7 million more jobs by 2050.

“A deeper analysis of the data reveals a rather scary picture. Instead of growing, livelihoods are being lost in India on a daily basis,” the organisation said in a statement.

This rise is unemployment is because sectors, which are the largest employment generators, like agriculture, small and medium-sized enterprises and construction industry have become vulnerable, facing “never before livelihood threats”.

“India needs to go back to the basics and protect sectors like farming, unorganised retail, micro and small enterprises which contribute to 99 per cent of current livelihoods in the country. These sectors need support from the Government, not regulation. India needs smart villages and not smart cities in the 21st century,” the study says.

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