India’s Mobile Gaming Market [#TheThreadMill]

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India’s Mobile Gaming Market [#TheThreadMill]

India’s Mobile gaming market – what lies ahead? This tweet thread by Anshuman (VP of Product – Sports, Social and Gaming at Hotstar) colors an interesting perspective.

1/ I distinctly remember when India hit 1 B downloads on the Google Play Store in 2013-14. If your app had chalked up 10 M downloads in a year, you accounted for 1% of the market. It was a big deal (competition was less but infra/ data was also messed up – pre Jio days).
2/ India clocked almost 40 B downloads last year. Hitting 10 M downloads for an app is still a big deal. Massive competition and growth of the overall market. Great data in @appannie’s State of Mobile 2020 report (go read the whole thing).
3/ India still accounts for a fraction of the global mobile ad spend market (~ USD 4B if I am not mistaken). But the next 3-4 years are going to be crazy.
4/ Mobile games saw 25% more consumer spend than all other gaming combined (console, PC, etc) globally. Staggering!
5/ There are a lot of Indian gaming companies clocking more than USD 5 M in revenue annually. The next 5 years will see a few of them joining the USD 100 M revenue club.
6/ 8 out of every 10 mins spent in TikTok in 2019 were by users in China. But India accounted for 50% of the remaining 2 mins.
7/ User behaviour and share of time spent on different types of apps have remained more or less the same over the years. The pie, however, keeps getting larger. A further breakdown of that 19% from ‘Other’ apps would definitely reveal some insights.
8/ For those of us who have been around since the beginning of the mobile consumer tech revolution in India – all these data points act as both validation and inspiration. Upwards and onwards, folks. Bigger milestones ahead.

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