State Of The Indian Mobile Phone Industry During H1 2015: Report

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State Of The Indian Mobile Phone Industry During H1 2015: Report

India is among the fastest growing smartphone markets in the world and this trend is evident by the massive influx of handsets into the country.

The number of devices launched in India during the first half of 2015 stood at 857 and an estimated 1,700+ devices will be launched before the end of the year.

That’s a massive increase from previous years where 1,137 devices were launched during 2014 and 957 devices during 2013.

No of phones launchedIndian brands lead the market when it comes to the most number of devices launched with 7 out of 10 of the top brands being Indian. Samsung, HTC and Sony were the only foreign companies that made it into the top 10.

No of launches

However, while Indian brands lead in the number of smartphone launches, most of the devices they launch are priced under Rs 10,000. When it comes to number of devices launched priced above Rs 10,000, only Micromax makes it into the top 10.

No of launches above 10k

When it comes to individual brands, leading smartphone vendor Samsung launched devices across price brands unlike previous years. During H1 2014, the company only focused on the high end and mid-range markets, but that changed this year.

Samsung launches

HTC on the other hand increased its focus on the mid-range market launching a substantially more number of devices in the Rs 10k-20k and Rs 5k-10k market segments during H1 2015.

HTC launches

Sony too shifted its focus from the high end device market to the mid-range and low-end market. The company launched just one device priced above Rs 30k during H1 2015.

Sony Launches

Micromax increased its focus on the low-end market, launching 27 devices in the sub-Rs 5,000 segment during H1 2015, up from 16 in the same period last year. The company however launched fewer devices in the Rs 5k-10k and Rs 10k-20k price brackets this year.

Micromax launches

The segment of devices priced between Rs 5,000 and Rs 10,000 registered the most number of users during H1 2015. Devices priced above Rs 30,000 however registered the biggest fall, going from 18% in H1 2014 to just 5% in H1 2015.

Sales by Price

2015 also marked the year of growth for Chinese smartphone brands in India. The share of users of Chinese brand device grew to 22% during H1 2015, up from just 7% during the same time last year. Share of Indian brand device users remained almost flat while the share of users of other international brands dropped massively.

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The above information is based on data provided by 91mobiles.

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