Mobile Phone Market – Nokia Dominates GSM Market, LG Leads CDMA

Today mobile phones have moved beyond their primary role of voice communications and have graduated to become an essential entertaining device for mobile users. We are in an era where users buy mobile phones not just to be in touch, today’s youth use it to express their thoughts, for social networking, to show their interests, play games, read news, surf on the internet, listen to music, chat instantly with friends & families and even check their bank balances. There are various phone manufacturers providing handsets.

However, Nokia is the dominant player on the GSM space, accounting for 63% of the installed base (phone’s currently in use) while LG rules CDMA with 48% of installed base market share. On looking at urban India GSM/CDMA combined installed base, Nokia is at the top with 54% of installed base market followed by LG (14%). LG is second most used handset manufacturer India primarily due to its dominant position in the CDMA.

Phone manufacturer usage

April 2009 ending quarterly Average –  India Urban Mobile Phone Users (N=5,775)

Brands Installed base*
LG 4.4% 47.6% 14.4%
Motorola 7.8% 5.4% 7.2%
Nokia 62.6% 24.3% 53.7%
Samsung 9.0% 11.2% 9.5%
Sony-Ericsson 8.9% 6.8%

* – Users currently using the phone model

On looking at the ability of manufacturers to gain market share via word of mouth, Nokia and Sony-Ericsson fare a lot better compared to the other three big manufacturers, with 2 out of 3 users for each of the two manufacturers mentioning they are likely to recommend their handset to their friends.

Phone manufacturer usage

April 2009 ending quarterly Average – India Urban Mobile Phone Users (N=5,775)

Model Installed base*
Likely to Recommend**
LG 57.6%
Motorola 41.0%
Nokia 68.6%
Samsung 55.7%
Sony-Ericsson 65.3%

* – Users currently using the phone model

**Likely to recommend current phone manufacturer to others

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