Planting Trees (image credit : McKay Savage / wikimedia)

India now holds world record for planting 50 million trees in a day

While India continues to see massive deforestation, here is a good news!
In UP state, 800,000 volunteers came together to plan 50.4 million trees in just 24 hours. More than 80 different species of sapling were raised at local nurseries and planted at over 6,000 locations across the state in 2016.

Planting Trees (image credit : McKay Savage / wikimedia)
Planting Trees (image credit : McKay Savage / wikimedia)

This is part of Indian government’s committment to Paris climate change in which India agreed to spend $6 billion to regrow forests on 12% of the country’s land and bring total forest cover up to 29% (source).

The previous world record, set by Pakistan in 2013, was 847,275 trees.

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