India Objects to Top Level Domain Allotment Of .Indians & .Ram to Reliance & Chrysler

Top Level DomainThe Indian government has raised an objection to top level domains (TLD) such as .Indians & .Ram being allotted to private entities.

At the recently held meeting of Government and the body which regulates top level domains,  India objected to the allotment of the domains to companies such as Reliance Industries, that have applied for them. (Source)

The governing body- Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Number (ICANN)- conducts a periodic Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) through which Governments can raise objections against applications.

In January 2012 the ICANN had opened up the application window for companies to apply for the next generation of TLDs. Back then Reliance Industries was one among the many Indian companies that had applied. The corporate house had applied for the ‘.indians’ domain against which the Indian Government has raised objection. The other TLD in contention is ‘.ram’,  for which automobile giant Chrysler had applied.

Some of the other corporate applicants for next gen TLDs from India included the State Bank of India which applied for ‘.sbi’ and ‘.statebank’, media giant Star India Private Limited which applied for ‘.star’, Dabur India Limited for ‘.dabur’ and the Bharti Group which applied for ‘.airtel’ and ‘.bharti’.

The Indian regulations also restrict the use of geographies on website addresses unlike many other countries where domain with name of cities and towns can be used. For example ‘.vegas’ and ‘.newyork’.

India was not the lone country to raise objections. Its neighbor China had also raised objections against allotting the TLDs ‘.shenzhen’ and ‘.guangzhou’.

These next next gen TLDs are potential gold mines and companies are scurrying to apply for them, despite the high costs involved. The next generation top level domain application costs $185,000 (non-refundable) and a $25,000 annual fee for the allotted domain.

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