In a trend, that everyone saw coming, online video consumption in India has doubled in the past two year, according to a new report.

Online Video Viewership in India - Unique viewers (000) and Videos (00000)- March 2011 vs March 2013
Online Video Viewership in India – Unique viewers (000) and Videos (00000)- March 2011 vs March 2013


Online video consumption is now at 3.7 billion videos per month in the country, according to the latest comScore Video Metrix report. This growth is due to various factors like increase in the number of online video viewers as well as increase in consumption per viewer. Another factor which could have played a role in this is the increase in broadband connection speeds and the number of broadband connections.

Online Video Viewership in India – Videos per viewer and minutes per video – March 2011 vs March 2013

The report also states that the total online video audience in India has grown 74 percent to 54 million viewers. The average viewer is now watching 18 percent more videos and spending 28 percent more time viewing.

The report compares the figures from March 2011 to March 2013 and includes viewers above the age of 15 viewing videos both at home and at work.

Top Sites For Viewing Videos

Top Video Properties in India by Unique Viewers (000) – March 2013

The number one site for viewing videos was Google Sites, with 31.5 million viewers in March. This was mainly due to video viewing at

This was followed by Facebook with 18.6 million, and Yahoo! Sites with 8.2 million.

Video ad platforms VDOPIA (6.4 million viewers) and TubeMogul (5.5 million viewers) rounded out the top five.

Recent developments in the space

While there are plenty of options to view videos for free online, the premium space is really hotting up over the last year or so.

Just in the past 6 months, Apple introduced iTunes Movies for the Indian market and a couple of months later Google introduced Play Movies and YouTube Rentals here.

Over a year back, YouTube launched BoxOffice where one could watch one blockbuster free each month andYahoo launched MoviePlex, a premium video destination allowing users to enjoy licensed, full-length movies for free through the Internet on demand.

Airtel had also announced the launch of Airtel Movies – an on-demand online movie viewing service. BigFlix had also launched an online movie-on-demand service BigFlix Plus, which let users click and play a catalogue of over 500 movies at a subscription fee across PC, tablets and mobiles.

In September 2012, Times Internet Limited had launched, an online video service that offers premium content like movies, television shows and short films.

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