Outbound Travel Report – Singapore is the Hottest Destination

Neilsen along with PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) did a survey (of 2000 consumers) on India outbound travel behavior and what comes out clearly is that Internet is playing a vital role in the overall research for outbound travel.

While traditional media like newspapers and magazines remain the primary source for travel advertising and information for many, the internet has become a popular advertising channel :

  • Indian outbound travellers (12%) are increasingly booking their travel online.
  • Hot destinations in Asia – Singapore (24% of Indians), Dubai, Australia, and Malaysia (17% of Indians, respectively)
  • Overall, Asian destinations account for 72% of international leisure trips and 63% of business trips originating in India,
  • Travel to Europe accounts for just 18% of Indian travelers’ business trips and 14% of pleasure trips.
  • Of those Indians who travel internationally, 64% named sightseeing as the main purpose of their trip, while 47% reported they travel abroad to explore new countries.  Another 25% of those surveyed said they travel abroad to relieve stress, to have a good time, or to visit family and friends. [source]

Owing to the convenience of comparing prices/easy access, Internet is becoming a popular choice to conduct online research.

What’s interesting to note is that destination marketers have focused a lot on traditional marketing (TV/Print ads), and not on Internet – probably an area of growth for ad networks to tap in?

What’s your opinion? Which sites do you visit to research on a destination?

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