KidAndParent – Another Kid on the Block to Help Parents

We have profiled a couple of parent/kids sites earlier (Parentree, Hiraj) and the latest to join the race is KidAndParent, Coimbatore based startup.

KidAndParent is focused on providing information to parents related to topics ranging from pregnancy to baby care/kids education etc.logo[1]

The portal has done a good amount of content seeding (has standard calculators like ovulation calculators/due date calendar as well), but the big question for such portals remains the same – why ABC and why not IndiaParenting or Orkut communities (which I believe are fairly active).

Many of such content players get decent traffic out of SEO, but the real challenge lies in getting UGC for the growth. A look at the site drives you to read more content, but the notion of user at the center is missing and to me, that’s a big challenge for any firm in this space.

Do give KidAndParent a spin and share your take.

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