India’s PC Market Improves in Q2 2014, Sees 23.6% Increase Over Q1


India’s PC Market Improves in Q2 2014, Sees 23.6% Increase Over Q1

The PC market in India, after a heavy downfall last year, has seen growth in Q2 2014 achieving an overall quarter-on-quarter growth of 23.6% over Q1, 2014. Year-over-Year drop as compared to Q2, 2013 is 27.8%.

Key Insights:

– The overall PC market saw 2.55 million units being shipped in Q2 2014, a 23.6% increase over Q1 2014, as per the IDC report. This growth is collective of consumer PC market as well as commercial PC market.

–  The commercial PC segment saw 1.38 million unites being shipped in Q2 2014. This is a Quarter over Quarter rise of 34.5% as compared to Q1, 2014.

– The market recovered in light of the elections and is expected to see better times in the next months.

-Consumer PC segment saw 1.16 million units being sold in Q2, 2014. This is a Quarter over Quarter increase of 12.8% as compared to Q1, 2014.

– Consumer PC market is also expected to show some good sales considering the start of festive seasons. The retail and online acceptance of new product category such as Bing SKU has also facilitated growth of PC sales this quarter.

Shipment share by segment
Shipment share by segment

With the increasing number of people opting for smartphones in India, the number of PC sales will be affected. India is a country that has missed out on the PC revolution and has hit big number in the smartphone revolution. Smartphones are considered the primary medium for web access in the country. With the introduction of low priced smatphones, sales figures have sky rocketed. This has affected the sales of PC substantially.

Top 5 PC Vendors In India:

Shipment sales by Vendor
Shipment share by Vendor

HP: With 29.5% market share in Q2 2014 HP is the obvious market leader. Hp saw a 82.9% increase in quarter over quarter sales as compared to Q1 2014. Educational deals with the Tamil Nadu government increased their commercial sales substantially. Competitive prices, huge partner coverage and the first mover advantage on Bing SKU have helped HP increase its sales in Q2.

Dell: Dell with 19.1% of the market share stood at the second spot and has been growing quarter on quarter with their recent channel realignment, improved management of its partners, investment on quality resources and the addition of new partners. Their participation in Directorate general of Supplies and Disposal (DGSnD) has aided their commercial sales.

Lenovo: Lenovo has maintained its third position with 13.9% market share. It made a recovery in Q2 after initial concerns around inventory fillings and channel engagement measures.

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