Postal Department Profits Up By 900% [Driven By Ecommerce Partnership]

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Postal Department Profits Up By 900% [Driven By Ecommerce Partnership]

Ecommerce companies may not be profitable, but the enablers definitely are minting moolah.

Indian Postal department’s revenues largely owing to COD consignments from e-commerce majors has gone up to Rs 1,000 crore in the first nine months of this fiscal, up from Rs 500 crore during the entire whole of FY15, and just Rs 100 crore in FY14. [source]

This unprecedented profit growth by India Post in the past two years upon tying up with e commerce brands is majorly due to its reach into the remotest corners of India.

IndiaPost has partnered with several ecommerce players including Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Yepme etc.

What’s most surprising is that Amazon was the first one to start India post partnership and still rules the number of shipments per month:

  • Amazon sends 3,00,000 packages every month
  • Snapdeal (80K)
  • Yepme (60K)
  • Myntra (50k) and
  • Flipkart (30K).

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  1. しかしスイス裏目出て、今年2月全体の輸出額は17 . 3中減少、金属工業ダウン36 . 6%、繊維やプラスチック製品工業30%引き下げ、機械と電子工業や紙とグラフ処理工業下落25%で、下落22.4%時計業;瑞联銀行グループは、宣た今年減少求人数、スイス再保険会社グローバルリストラも決定として10%、スイスの三大スーパーチェーンの一つ「瑪瑙小売業者も準備類似動作をとる。

  2. 1929年アメリカ株式市場の大暴落し、その影響を受けて、自動車製品の販売量を増やすため、アメリカ発起した運動場の技術進歩として、機能が美学さほど重要でない。チュードルスーパーコピーこの運動の後に対してタブ界石英危機に創後捲土重来を生じた啓発を受け、石英危機後のタブ商より重視機械時計はデザイン。この傾向は、90年代末と21世紀初頭の腕時計の作品の中で現れて。

  3. those were the days when in every lane there used to be a single landline and all neighbours shared it happily 🙂

  4. here you are right and i agree with you Sreekanth 🙂

  5. Sreekanth

    BSNL is not in profits. The article no where said that. In fact BSNL has accumulated a loss of Rs. 800 crore in FY 2014-15.

  6. Sreekanth

    You missed the basic logic that the Rs. 300 crore which you mentioned are not profits but just box office collections by thousands of film theaters across the world. These theaters make profit after their expenses like purchase price, rentals, electricity, staff, maintenance charges etc. Sorry your logic is insane. Hope you got the point.

  7. I always find Indiapost and BSNL more reliable ,though they have to work on service improvement.
    Till date I have landline at my home just because of BSNL

  8. ..IT industry is over rated…Consider this

    A bad Bollywood movie like Dilwale makes 350 Crore profit over 100 Crore in just 3 Months where the “workers” go to exotic locations all over the world. The producers just work for six months and they are set for life with one movie.

    The failure rate of Bollywood movie is less than Start ups.

    Bollywood earned more profit on over its investments than entire StartUps.

    A Bollywood movie with Salman is sure to give its producers ROI than IITs/IIMs for sure 🙂

  9. No surprise. IndiaPost is actually better (and faster) than many courier services.

  10. Good to know about it , finally IndiaPost , BSNL are in Profits

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