Recession and What does it mean for Startups?

Recession is in and US slowdown is impacting the Indian industries/economy as well.

These are tough times and as they say, ‘only the fittest survive’.

So a startup, what are your top concerns with regards to recession?

  • Is it fund raising ?
  • Do you think recession will stabilize the talent churn?
  • Are you wondering whether to stay trim right now and expand later?
  • Are VCs really willing to fund early stage companies? Will they squeeze the hell out of startups (now that the valuations will go down)?
  • Do you need to revisit your business model (say, if it’s based on online advertising)?

We would like to know your concerns/questions/suggestions.

Based on that, we will interview

  • VCs,
  • Startups, and
  • Industry Pundits.

to get a 360 degree view of the story.

Recession is more than advertisers curtailing budgets, it’s more than saying ‘how will we survive’ – it’s actually that phenomena which tests one’s resilience, and of course, makes men out of boys.

So, shoot your questions (either in comment section, or mail me)

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