At 1.7 Mbps Connection, India Has The Slowest Internet Speed In Asia

While Google’s 1Gbps is becoming more popular in Western nations, and connections with speed over 900 Gbps has been spotted, back here in India, the Internet speed leaves a lot to be desired.

The latest quarterly report by Akamai has found that India has the slowest Internet speed in Asia. The country could only score 1.7 Megabits per second (213 Kilobyte per second) data connectivity speed.


The average internet speed of India is slower than all the other 14 countries in Asia-Pacific region. South Korea registered 23.6 as its average internet speed which is over 13 times faster than India. Whereas the global average is 3.9Mbps.

What’s even more concerning is that the average internet speed of India has only improved 8% over the quarter, whereas the other Asian countries registered a spike of over 20%.

Whereas, the broadband adoption in India rose by over 10% as compared to last quarter. Though, only 4.9% of the existing users have opted for data plans higher than 4Mbps connection.

At the current internet speed, only 0.3% users are ready for the 4K video technology — which requires over 15Mbps data connection.

The internet has revolutionized the world. It has left its footprints in business, education, health and most of the aspects of our lives. In addition to toilets in every home, and good roads all across the nation, the country also needs faster internet connection.

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