Newsreel [Oct 6th]: India’s software exports lowest in a decade, Government wants consensus on Internet issues


Newsreel [Oct 6th]: India’s software exports lowest in a decade, Government wants consensus on Internet issues

– According to the latest trade data from the Reserve Bank of India(RBI), net software exports grew at the slowest rate of 4% in the last 10 years. Net software exports, calculated as the difference between software receipts and payments, were $61.5 billion (approximately Rs 3.1 lakh crore) in the 12 months to June 2012 compared with $58.9 billion (approximately Rs 2.7 lakh crore) in the prior 12-month period, read complete post here. Clearly software export is declining – time to concentrate on real hardware development?

– Amazon inks $ 1.16 billion deal to buy its headquarter in Seattle from Microsoft’s co-founder Paul Allen’s Vulcan Real Estate company, read complete post here.  The HQ’s space includes 11 buildings spread across 1.8 million square feet.

– Popular online music streamer Spotify‘s financials depict that the bigger the company gets, the bigger its losses.  While Spotify’s revenues grew 151% in 2011 to $244 million, over 2010, Spotify was unable to generate any material improvements to its cost of sales margin, read complete post here. Spotify loses money on each subscriber: unsustainable business model? How’re our Indian streamers doing?

– The Department of Telecom has asked 6 companies that bagged broadband spectrum in the 2010 auctions to start offering services at the earliest, read complete post here. As of now, only Airtel out of 6 companies has started 4G services operations in Kolkata and Bangalore. Looks like people in other cities will have 4G’s taste soon!

– As per Consumer Reports (CR), iOS6 maps are competent enough and iPhone 5 is the best iPhone yet.  CR does not deem Mapgate a serious enough problem to take away from the improvements Apple has made to its iPhone line with the iPhone 5, read complete post here. What about consumers outside US as CR is US centric only and most of Apple’s mapping errors are outside US?

– The government will prefer a consensus-based model to deal with issues related to Internet, Telecom and IT.Telecom minister, Kapil Sibbal said that people must evolve a model to build consensus among stakeholders instead of adopting governance model, read complete post here. Seems Government is convinced to have opinion of others over freedom on Internet.

– Apple has officially extended the iCloud storage bump for former MobileMe users to September of 2013. Last week, users saw their extensions jump to 2050 for some reason, which appears to have been a glitch. Earlier, Apple had increased the storage of iCloud switchers to 10GB, 20GB or 50GB, read complete post here.

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