India is not the world’s most spammy country. Yet.

A short while ago, news hit the headlines that India is a world leader in spam output. According to a post on the website of security vendor Sophos labs, India has surpassed the US and has taken the lead as the greatest spam sending country in the world. A fairly obvious headline maker.

The report titled “dirty dozen” by security vendor SophosLabs points out, computers in India are passing along 16.1 % of spam they spotted.

But wait, if you look at the report closely, India is only the largest spam RELAYING country and not the largest spam ORIGINATOR. We don’t mean to downplay the fact that there is significant spam activity from India which was at the top of spam originating countries list earlier. However, its important to see where the spam is actually coming from.

In fact the original blogpost which talks about the report says that the spam doesn’t necessarily emanate from India’s computers!

So where does all the spam come from? No points for guessing. Most of it comes from China and US and India is at number 3, according to Kaspersky’s earlier report.

Spam in Q2 2012

There, you have the whole truth.

India, however, might be well on its way to beat China and US as the biggest spam producer given the amount of pirated software that goes round and the large number of first time Internet users. With nearly 10 % of its 1.2 billion population on the Internet, India is third largest Internet economy in the world.

Brife history of spam (Excerpts from an earlier article)

2003: european countries adopt new anti-spam legislaition but spam continues to grow

2006: Anti spam laws adopted in China, Pakistan, Singapore and New Zealand. Russia, China and US were top 3 sources of spam. Chinese legislation on regulation of Internet e-mail services passed in March cuts down spam from China considerably in 2007.

2007: India enters the league of top 10 newcomers in ratings by Kaspersky. US was still on top and China was at number 9.

2010: Criminal proceedings against several spammers and botnet owners were initated and the anti spamming folks forced spammers to relocate. Antibot campaigns pushed cyber criminals to move to newer territories.

2011: India becomes one of the highest spam producing countires in the world.

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