We Heart Spam: India Among The Top Locations For Valentine’s Day Spam

The Valentine’s Week is upon us, and brands and sellers are in overdrive to market their products to those looking to celebrate the day of love. Taking advantage of this ad frenzy are cyber criminals, who use Valentine-related spam to lure users into their traps.
Given the growth of online shopping activity in India, Trend Micro has found that India is the second largest spam-sending nation this Valentine’s Day. Spammers and other online criminals are taking advantage of increased net activity of users who’re looking to buy gifts and sign up for services online.
The firm found 117 unique sender IPs related to this spam run, with a slew of Valentine’s Day-themed emails came in different languages such as German and Chinese.
Trend Micro threat researchers have found a variety of Valentine’s Day-themed emails containing links in keywords within parts of the message. These links then lead to scams and spam-vertisements. Spammers, scammers and online predators have bumped up their online presence this Valentine’s Day, and users should exercise more caution.
How to keep yourself from becoming a victim of a cyber crime this Valentine’s Week:

  • Avoid links/attachments accompanied by promises that are too good to be true.
  • Keep away from “freebies” or random surprises from unknown sources (especially, bouquet of flowers 😀 )
  • Make sure your OS and anti-virus software are up to date
  • Bookmark trusty websites and always make sure the page you’re on is secure
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