4 school students killed themselves in India every day: Report

A National Crime Records Bureau report shows a total of 8,934 students committed suicide in 2015, up from 8,068 the year before.

As per NCRB, 2,543 students — 1,360 below the age of 18 years (school students) and 1,183 in the 18-30 age bracket (pursuing higher education) — committed suicide in 2015 due to mounting pressure to do well in examinations.

Exam failure, however, saw among the lowest figures for cause of suicide — 2 per cent, the same as unemployment. It was significantly lower than other factors such as family problems (27 per cent), or poverty, physical abuse and professional issues (26 per cent) (source).

What do you think can be done to fix this issue? Clearly, the issue is not just of failure in examination, but the potential shaming / family abuse that comes after that. Time to teach parenting to parents as well?

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