Tablets sales growth beats mobiles by 3x says Snapdeal

This is a no brainier. Tablet growth beats mobile growth in India. That’s because tablet sales are growing on a much smaller base. In case you are looking for some numbers, here: Growth in tablets market outpaced the growth of mobiles market by 3x with Tablets sales growing at the rate of 33% month-on-month as compared to mobiles sales growth at 11% month-on-month, says Snapdeal.

The findings are based on the sales and traffic seen on over a period of three months  between July and September 2012.

  • 80% of the mobiles sold were priced below INR 5,000 and 95% of the tablets sold were below INR 10,000. Customers are now preferring Smartphones versus feature phones with Smartphones
  • The top 5 Mobile phone brands are Micromax, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and HTC.  Indian Tablets brands like Zync, Penta and Intex are also getting acceptability
  • In the low price (<Rs 10,000) Tablets category, Micromax has emerged as the clear leader with the brand’s Funbook range being the highest selling
  • Almost 50% of the sales of Mobiles and Tablets came from consumers’ residing in Tier-I cities. Camera is no longer an ancillary feature in mobile phones. The sale of mobile phones with cameras grew by a 100% while that of mobile phones without cameras dropped by 32%.
  • Symbian (46%) and Android (44%) were the most preferred operation systems in mobile phones.
  •  Android is the most preferred OS in Tablets (Note: Apple has started selling devices on Indian sites only a few weeks back)

Tablets Vs Mobile in India

While mobile phone sales worldwide including India  slowed down during second quarter of 2012 , Indian Tablet Market sales touched 0.55 million units in the second quarter of 2012, up 59% quarter on quarter and 673% year on year. Tablets are growing on a much smaller base compared to mobile phones so its no surprise that it beats mobile growth.

Earlier in October,  Micromax had beaten Samsung and Apple in terms of unit sales of tablet devices in India. Micromax led the tablet sales with overall 18.4% market- share.

Infographics: What sells on Snapdeal

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