Facebook Transparency Data : Requests From Indian Government Increases 3X

Facebook has released a report on content restriction from across the countries.

Facebook’s blog post said that the amount of content restricted for violating local law increased by 112% over the second half of 2014, to 20,568 pieces of content, up from 9,707.

Government requests for account data increased across all countries by 18% over the same period, from 35,051 requests to 41,214.

In India, 15,155 pieces of content were restricted which is nearly triple the amount in second half of 2014.

The social site stated that most of the content which was restricted was relating to criminal cases. Also,content which was reported by law enforcement agencies and the India Computer Emergency Response ‘because it was anti-religious and hate speech that could cause unrest and disharmony within India,’ was restricted.

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