Decoding India’s Unicorn And High Growth Startups [The NextBigWhat REPORT]

India’s first ever report on Unicorn and high growth technology product startups !

How many years has it taken startups to grow from zer0 to becoming a unicorn startup?

Do you really need a MBA degree to be a successful founder?

What about those IIT degrees ?

Is there a correlation between age and successful founders? Does ‘work experience’ matter (anymore)?

What about metro vs. tier-2 founders? Does it matter?

Welcome to NextBigWhat’s latest report on India’s Unicorn And High Growth Startups.

The Indian product revolution has just begun. We currently have less than 10 tech Unicorns, but many are on the way to become one.

We took a deep look at various parameters that make great founders and these high-growth ventures.


[Note that this is a free short/abridged version of the report]

At NextBigWhat, we believe that the ecosystem needs several debates and discussions – fueled by actual data!

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