Little Known Stories of India’s Women Pioneers Are Being Unearthed by a Google Project


Time for a little history quiz. How many women freedom fighters, social reformers, writers, poets or business leaders did you learn about in your school textbooks? Few, if any.

To bridge this unequal gender knowledge gap, Google through its cultural arm Google Arts & Culture has unveiled a virtual collection of artworks and exhibitions highlighting the “unheard stories” of Indian women, spanning 2,500 years.

Started in collaboration with some 25 cultural institutions, the project features, more than 1,800 artworks, photographs and videos, and captures the stories of India’s unsung heroines ranging from goddesses to leaders, artists and doctors.

Luisella Mazza, Head of Operations at Google Cultural Institute says:

“This project is an effort to recognise the impact of Indian women in history and their impact on culture and while looking at where we are, we also wanted to look forward and inspire women and leaders of the future.”

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