Indian Youth Is Spending 2.2 Hours Per Day On Mobile Devices [Report]

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Indian Youth Is Spending 2.2 Hours Per Day On Mobile Devices [Report]

The average millennial (aged between 16-30) with internet access spends 3.2 hours a day on their mobile devices—the equivalent of 22.4 hours—almost a whole day – every week, reveals a study conducted by global research firm TNS.

This means that millennials spend around 1,168 hours or 49 days over the course of a year. The study was conducted on over 60,000 internet users worldwide.

In India millennials spend 2.2 hours a day, where digital access is becoming mobile-driven; 85% of the weekly internet millennial population in India now own a smartphone, claims the study.


They are now present in more IM, social and traditional channels: More than one in ten (14%) of 16-30 year olds use instant messaging every day, while almost two hours a day are spent watching video on-demand and TV shows on the internet.

New Pattern Could Pressurize Brands To Rethink Their Strategies

Millennials prioritize social over other forms of media, with 43% using social media daily, or watching online video (42%). This age group are also the most likely to adopt new buying methods such as mobile payments (11% of millennials in India do this weekly).

However, brands could find it difficult to focus on these news patterns—figuring out newer new channels to engage millennials can be an expensive distraction,points out the study.

By constantly trying to keep up with the most digitally advanced consumers, brands risk leaving behind other consumers who are also shifting their patterns of behavior, albeit at a slower pace.

“About half of the time spent on mobile is on social media, true for all three segments in India. This poses further challenges for brands to create relevant contents for different segments, communicate in meaningful manner to each using the same media channels and engage them with the brand,” said Parijat Chakraborty, Executive Director, TNS India.

This dual pace-shift in consumer adoption rates is creating a growing ‘digital divide’ that is most evident in Western markets, particularly the US, UK, Germany and France—leaving many businesses struggling to tailor unique content for different audiences.

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  1. This is why there is more need to focus on providing services through mobile platforms. India is far ahead of many nations with regard to m-commerce. All essential services, including financial services, need to be accessible through mobile phones, which is a part of financial inclusion because there are a lot of people from the rural villages having access to the internet through their smartphones.

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