Indian Army advises men to avoid sharing employment information on Orkut and Facebook

Indian Army has asked it’s men to not post their employment information on social networking sites like Orkut and Facebook.

In a recent circular, the Army instructed its personnel to immediately remove service related information they may have posted on sites like Orkut and Facebook so that they could avoid questions on their service from net users.

The reason ofcourse is national security as army fears that many of these personnel are befriended by ‘unknown’ people who may try to extract information like one’s place of posting, unit, rank etc.

If a soldier is found violating these orders, Army will take strict disciplinary action (being imprisoned upto 7 years)

Earlier, Indian government banned social networking sites/picture sharing sites for Indian diplomats and even advised govt, officials to avoid using Yahoo/Gmail and Hotmail.

Question to govt – While these bans are necessary steps (all negative ones), how about doing something more proactive? (Hint: Swine Flu in India and state of Information Propogation (E-Initiative))

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