State of Indian Blogosphere – Blogspot more popular than WordPress…and more

Blogging in India has finally gone mainstream, but there are some obvious challenges when it comes to corporates embracing the platform.

BuzzGain, a DIY PR startup has tracked Indian blogosphere and has some interesting findings to share:

  • Growth of blogs and bloggers in India is about 11% annually, in the last 2 years after expanding over 30% during the years 2004 to 2007.
  • As expected, more urban (in large cities) bloggers than rural bloggers. The majority of bloggers in India tend to be from one of the 6 major metros, with an overwhelming 63% from cities as opposed to rural towns and villages.
    Mumbai and Bangalore lead the pack at over 0.45% of Internet users being bloggers while Kolkata and Hyderabad fall to 0.24%.
  • Google’s Blogspot beats WordPress, when it comes to adoption (is it because doesn’t allow ads?)
    What’s interesting is that blog platforms such as Sulekha, Rediff and Blogadda do not have a significant
    number of English language bloggers. MSN Live Spaces and blogs from Six Apart surprisingly also do not appear on the top of the list.
  • Less than 0.05% of blogs in India are corporate blogs, compared to over 1% in other nations! – Corporates should surely read Tips for corporate blogging.
  • Entertainment (Bollywood) and technology related genres make up the majority of blog content with sports (cricket) coming in at 3rd.
  • The good news? Blog readership has steadily grown from about 12% of Internet users to 35%
    of Internet users
    I believe, lot of this has been fuelled by mainstream media coverage of bloggers as well as celebrities like BigB/Aamir Khan popularizing the concept.
  • Blogs reach the young demographic with a pretty even spread among the genders, but as they get older, skew mostly men readers.
    This is ofcourse, reflection of India’s Internet demography.
  • Why do people read blogs?
    ”To learn something new’ (37%) tops the chart, followed by ‘Trend Spotting‘ (25%), Catching up on niche news (25%) and Get different opinions (17%).

What’s your opinion? Will Indian blogs go beyond the present state?

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