Indian Cellphone Towers to Go Solar [Green Towers]!

The Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy along with the Union Ministry of Telecommunications has announced plans to get all the telecom operators to use solar power to operate their towers.

India has more than 250,000 cellphone towers which consume 3-5 kilowatts power depending on the number of operators using the tower. These towers consume about 2 billion litres (about 530 million gallons) of diesel every year. All towers run on diesel, and if you look at the statistics, the switch will result in reduction of 5 million tons of CO2 emissions as well as a savings of $1.4 billion!

“We are going to generate within the first three years 1,300 MW of solar energy with 1,100 grid connected and 200 non-grid connected. By 2022, we should have 20,000 MW of solar power” – source

Only if telecom operators spend effort in getting this project to a great start.

Also, the government has taken a decision that no GoI building will be made which will not be green!

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