Goolel – Mobile Social Networking, Chat Rooms and Push Email Service

These days, it’s really tough to figure out why does one need one more social networking tool, but that doesn’t deter entrepreneurs to try out new ways to build sticky apps.

Goolel is a Gurgaon based startup that is trying to build a meta social network (and more) on your mobile phone.

Once you download the app, you can configure all your IMs, push mail services (Gmail/Yahoo and Hotmail) as well as use Goolel’s India focused chat rooms.

Goolel has also built a browser of it’s own, which it claims to optimize web pages by a significant percentage and startup’s advisory board includes veterans from BSNL, UTStarcomm and Unisys.

While all this may sound fancy, I am not sure whether people are ready to try out new social networks or whether Goolel should instead position itself as a meta push mail/IM service (the space is anyways crowded with Fring/RockeTalk etc).

The only uptake that I see is startups’ relationship with operators/telecom companies (advisory board speaks of that) – will help them in closing deals with operators.

What’s your opinion on Goolel (i.e. on their core offering?) ?

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